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Extra Feathers



What Love Can Do

I stay close by the window
looking outside into the rain
I'm waiting
it's late in the evening
I keep on dreaming about you


You're gonna be so good to me
when you open up that door
so go ahead don't let me wait
everything is burning
it's gonna be heaven
when our dreams come true


CHORUS: I do believe what love can do
I do believe what love can do


The way that you kiss me
and the fire in your eyes
oh, I'm shaking
we don't care for tomorrow
we don't even care for the day
that is breaking


I wanna shout and let it out
when I hold you in my arms
so go ahead don't hesitate
let the dams be broken
what in the world
are we waiting for



We go so far
far beyond the bounds
we better keep
our senses all around
we're loosing track
we're loosing control
there's something new
it's gonna be deep down
in our soul


Oh, what are we waiting for
the eyes and warmth
and smiles and everything
we need




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