andy baum




Wooden Days


Pearls Before Swine

Here that I am
the man that I am
I tell you my story
as good as I can
I've done my homework?I've done it with pride
just take a look at the pony I ride
and now I'm afraid of anything
I'm always speaking right out
unless I don't know who you are
and what you think about


I'm raising two kids
and I take good care
I hope that I don't have some more anywhere
my wife is a knockout
she treats me like god
she's always been good in telling even from odd
and then the girl in my office - damn job -
would make me really mad yeah
she's got a great body
but I'm attached to her head


CHORUS: And all in all in all I think that I'm a good guy
and all in all in all I'm really doing fine
if all in all in all would turn out even better
I think you might as well just call me pearls before swine


Tell me why come tell me why boys is it me
I'm worried all about now
and drink after drink after drink after drink
I'm wearing me out




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