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Extra Feathers


Mama Come Home

All our lifetimes walking
on the borderline to nowhere
never gone for anything
worth enough to take care
we've been loosing our fireplaces
but we're keeping the smoke in the air
always running for the golden money
still hoping for paradise
heading for the trap


CHORUS: Mama come home oh come back home
I think we're taking it too easy
that the world is going crazy
over everything we do
Mama come home and you will see
how the rain and we are falling
from the ghosts we have been calling
only you could set us free
Mama come home


When the time is coming
will we still be here denying
will you find us tumbling
breaking down and crying
no more running for the golden money
just hoping for paradise
sitting in the trap




Mama come home
only you could pull us through
we never meant to do you harm
we never meant to play
would you please
take the world back in your arms
always did belong to you
so Mama come home and stay




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