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Catch My Breath

Catch My Breath

I've Been Losing You

CHORUS: I've been losing you
I've been losing you
I've been losing you
I've been losing you

The day that you came into my life
the moment I felt that our love could survive
the night when my desert was touched by your rain
and you opened the doors of love to an innocent man


The day that I thought you could be mine
misunderstanding all your obvious signs
the moments of hate and desperate love
where endings begin
making a cold fire burn under my skin

And all the words
I meant to say
came running down in tears
and a hard dry wind
would begin to blow
my love and your love
their love and our love
who cares what god only knows
when I do know the pain inside
and I want to have you so close

I am calling you
hear me calling you

So I'm calling you
yes, I'm calling you
hear me
hear me calling you


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