andy baum




Bye Bye


Extra Feathers


Good Good Good

Mh, it's alright
time's doing good
oh, pretty darling
your kisses are putting me
into a tingling mood


One loves the other
but no one loves me
so I take all my goodies
and I leave them all up to you
'cause I know you let me be


Honey, it's good good good
the way you're dancing
good good good
what you do to me
I never could give up romancing
would you live your life
all alone with me


Get down get down get down
honey when you fold your hands
that's my favourite prayer
when you do what you're doing
to show me the promised land




Love ain't bleeding
I don't listen to what they say
and all of us are needing
but only some of us can pay
so I take all my goodies
and I bring them back to you
'cause you are the only one
who knows right away
what to do




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